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What you might not know yet about fire insurance.

As the old Filipino adage says: Regret never happens at the beginning, it is always at the end. In the vernacular it simply means – “ nasa huli ang pag-sisi”. And it could possibly where the word accident comes in to the scene as well. Accident is not something planned else it will not qualify […]

Six Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a House

Traditionally, Filipinos believe that the best investment is buying a house. It is considered by many as a major purchase — a lifetime decision; hence, must not be done in haste. Yet, many are still a victim of regret as they hurried signing on the dotted lines without giving it so much thought. There are […]

How to Prepare for an Appraisal

In my profession as a real estate broker, many property owners have sought my advice on how they can prepare when the bank appraiser drop by their place and do the inspection. What will the appraiser be appraising? They understand that an appraisal report is a mandatory requirement of any financing institution. It is a […]